About Us

GrowBox is a AgTech company that specializes in modular, mobile, and scalable solutions to indoor growing challenges.

We offer both hardware and software solutions for lighting, HVAC, (De)Humidification, CO2 and fertigation needs.

Our proprietary Interformatix platform helps keep you in the loop. With environmental monitoring, data-logging, and alerts, you'll never have to worry about what's going on in your grow rooms again.


We have a variety of services to help growers of all shapes and sizes.

Web-App Monitoring

Through our Interformatix web application we allow users to track key environmental factors influencing plant health and set alarms to stay vigilant to sub-optimal conditions and equipment failures.


Our team of horticultural, technical, and financial specialists can help you start your business, scale it up, and optimize your results.


Our experienced design team works with existing strutures and ground-up builds alike to bring you personalized hardware solutions for all your needs.